Marcus Relacion is a multi-disciplinary creative residing in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

During the day, he works as a Senior Product Designer at Qualtrics where he is involved in the development of the XM Discover platform. In his free time, he's a photographer, with a particular focus on documenting everyday life, music, and sports.

He shares his home with his partner, Kae, and their feline companion, Hana.

Photography (🟢 Available for freelance)

His interest in photography started when they were a child looking through the dozens of photo albums and shoe boxes full of photos at their grandparents house. One of the things that always stuck out to him was that every photo had a story behind it and always started a conversation about the people in the photo. This led to him exploring landscape and street photography as a creative outlet.

For the last five years he's documented events, daily life, and sports in the Washington, D.C. area and has been hired by organizations like 7DrumCity , the GTS Fusion , the Pittsburgh Passion , and the Washington Justice .

He's currently looking for more of the following opportunities:

  • Live Music

    • Behind the scenes documentation
  • Portraiture

    • Professional headshots
    • Senior portraits
  • Sports Photography

    • Behind the scenes documentation
    • Media days
    • Team headshots
    • Game coverage

If the above sounds like something you'd like to hire them for get in touch today!


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